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Assistant Social Services Coordinator (Summer Job)

What You Will Do :

  • Assist the social services coordinator in organizing project info and community resources and 

networking with potential project partners.

  •  Assist in gathering research on family violence for the preparation of workshop materials.

  •  Assist in Networking with a variety of social service agencies that serves

Black women and girls, and those that deal with women fleeing from

violence, trauma, and abuse.

  •  Assist in planning and delivering trauma-informed educational conferences, workshops,

counselling, support groups whether online, in-person or hybrid for

project participants.

  • Ensure coordinating and scheduling counselling meetings for enrolled project participants.

  •  Ensure active participation and attendance of participants through the

provision of incentives to encourage attendance.

  • Actively connect with enrolled participants to provide assistance and ensure they maximize full benefits of the programs.

Coordinator, Social Event (Summer Job)

What You Will Do :

  •  Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with members, clients, co-workers,

part-time staff, contractors, patrons, and partners

  •  Assist in developing required documentation for each event, including production schedules,

budget tracking, timelines, and event specs

  •  Assist in working with partners to advance the event, ensuring all needs are met and all details are


  • Help in collaborating on the initial set-up and preparation of the event and on-sale in conjunction

with our technical services team, providing input on venue configurations, identifying

production requirements, and coordinating the creation of CAD drawings/floor plans

  • Actively contribute  to fan experience creativity & innovations by staying up to date on industry

trends, writing grants, tracking customer & community feedback both in-venue and on

social media, and identifying facility inefficiencies & opportunities

  •  Assist in evaluating and recommending required staffing levels for events

  •  Assist in creating post-event reports where necessary

  • Actively contribute to special offsite, outdoor events planning and execution as requested when time permits

Administrative Assistant (Summer Job)

What You Will Do :

  • Helping to organize community events

  •  Helping to organize team meetings

  • Updating the team on the progress of upcoming events

  •  Assigning team members with tasks on events

  • Organize registration of participants

  • Presenting formal reports on events

Social Worker  (CLOSED)

Qualifications :

  • Service Orientation: A strong desire to help other people is essential.

Active listening: You must give clients your full attention whenever meeting with them.

  • Verbal communication: Your clients will be depending on you to convey information to them, their families, and other service providers.

  • Interpersonal skills: In addition to listening and speaking skills, you also need social skills so you connect with people.

  • Time management and organizational skills: Given the large caseload that most social workers have, these skills are essential.

  • Critical thinking: You must be able to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions when helping your clients solve problems.

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