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black history month

Josiah Henson

1789 - 1883

Mary Anne

1823 - 1893

Portia White

1911 - 1968

Viola Desmond

1914 - 1965

Every year, in February, Canadians are invited to take part in
celebrations highlighting the contributions of people of African Descent. Beginning February 1 and ending February 28, 2023, we have planned a series of interactive activities which include; The Black History Month Launch, a 1-day symposium on the Strategic Plan for People of African Descent (The British Columbian Edition), a one-day
family-oriented celebration and a drum and dance event focused on cultural exchange. AACCCS and its team are dedicated to ensuring cultural awareness in our society through our diverse cultural activities.


Through music, song, food and dance, Black History Month event and activities showcase the uniqueness of artistic, and culinary talents of African and Caribbean Canadians.


Black History Month aims to enrich the local community by celebrating and raising awareness of African and Caribbean arts, culture, and heritage.


Black History Month teaches everyone about black history, be it good or bad and helps all communities understand and learn from one another


Black history refers to the stories experiences, and accomplishments of people of origin. People connected by their common African history and ancestry have created Black History Month here in Canada

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