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Black In B.C. Covid 19 Conversations Grant

By applying for this grant, you are acknowledging that you will be available to:

1. Host a community conversation on actions and attitudes within the community towards covid-19 vaccines between August and December 2022. The conversation should be on issues such as hesitations about COVID 19 vaccination and boosters; reasons why people went for the vaccination anyway; feelings about vaccination after taking them; and how the community can support each other amidst this current context of high vaccination levels, few restrictions and still, rising cases. 

2. Attend a briefing session between July and August 2022 for health care professionals and other experts to provide relevant information to community leaders.



The community conversation you will host should be at least 90 minutes long, have at least 5 persons in attendance (virtual or in-person), and must be recorded. You can apply as an individual organizer (or even social media influencer) or on behalf of a group of individuals or as an organization. The eventual grant size will be tied to the number of actual participants in the conversation.
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