ISSAMBA, which means ‘’Come Together’’ in the Béti dialect of Cameroon, is a wonderfully expressive, engaging and diverse group of world-renowned African-born musicians and dancers. ISSAMBA’s energetic and interactive performances invariably capture the imagination of its audiences, transporting them to the earthy and evocative world of African rhythm and dance. ISSAMBA offers a unique musical experience and opportunity for communities to come together to share and celebrate the beauty and richness of African culture through music and dance. 

The Featured Artists and their presentations and activities are chosen for their expertise, genuine representation of the arts of their countries of origin, their multiculturalism, and their ability to engage and educate audiences from all walks of life.


ISSAMBA 2022's lineup: 

- Merlin Nyakam: Master of African and Afro-Contemporary dance, born in Cameroon and currently living in Paris. He travels around the world teaching and performing. - 

- Salif Lasso Sanou: Montreal-based African flute specialist. (Burkina Faso)

-Mamadou Diabate: Balafon, Ngoni, Gesang 

- Yacuba Konate: Balafon, Gesang

- Hamidou Koita: Gesang, percussion

- Seydou Dao:  Multi-instrumentalist - 

- Will be joining some other Vancouver-based artists of African descent